Napkin:Beverage 1ply 8"x9.375" White 500/8ct

Product Number: EMP850011

Available in: CASE

Napkin:Dinner 15"x17" 2ply 3000ct

Product Number: NOVA3000B

Available in: CASE

Napkin:Dinner 17"x17" 1/4 Fold 1-ply 4000ct

Product Number: EMPELDN141717

Available in: CASE

Napkin:Dinner Bella 15"x17" 2ply 3000ct

Product Number: EMP281517

Available in: CASE

Napkin:Dixie Ultra Interfold 2-Ply White Refill 6000ct

Product Number: GPC32006

Available in: CASE

Napkin:Lunch 11"x13" 6000ct (12 Packs of 500)

Product Number: EMPLN125001

Available in: EACH, CASE

Napkin:Preference 2-Ply Dinner Napkin White 3000ct

Product Number: GPC31436

Available in: CASE

Napkin:Tall-Fold 7"x13" 10000ct

Product Number: MORD20500

Available in: CASE

Napkin:Xpressnap 8.5in X 13in 1-Ply Brown 6000ct (12 Packs

Product Number: SCADX906E

Available in: CASE

Napkin:Xpressnap 8.5x13 1ply 500/12ct

Product Number: SCADX900

Available in: CASE

Napkin:Xpressnap Cafe 8.5x8.5 1ply 500/12ct

Product Number: SCADX600

Available in: CASE

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